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 D3X Samples and Tests 
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Sample D3X Images

NEW Maasai Mara July 2010

Up close!


Lilac Breasted Roller 2

Sunbird 2



Lilac Breasted Roller closer

Lion thoughts

Thirsty Lions

Lilac Breasted Roller

Lion (that brit looks tasty, if only i could be bothered to move)


Nikon D3X 24-70mm/f2.8

Afghans 1000iso

Fish 1000iso

Kabul Fish shop 1000iso

Kabul grocers 1000s 1/50s handheld

Roundhouse kick 250iso Sb800


Nikon D3X 85/f1.8

Nikon D3X 200mm/f2

Buzkashi3 200iso

Nikon D3X 300mm/f2.8

LATEST **************************************************Kite Surfer, Diani Beach Kenya

LATEST **************************************************Kite Surfer3, Diani Beach Kenya

LATEST **************************************************Tick with heron

LATEST **************************************************Night Palm

LATEST **************************************************Colobus Monkey and infant

LATEST **************************************************Chris getting some air in Diani Beach -17shot sequence

LATEST **************************************************Spider? help appreciated

Nikon D3X 300mm/f2.8

LATEST **************************************************Kingfisher "woodland"?

Afghan pup 100is

Birds April 2009

Superb Starling 400iso

Martial Eagle 160iso

Weaver 800iso

LastlightHeron 500iso

Hadada Ibis 500iso (help identify please?)

Crown Crested Crane 160iso