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Nikon D3X field test

Thanks to Mifsuds in Brixham, Devon, UK. Unbelievable service, in this day and age of chains and multinationals, this is real service, something I am not used to these days . They mailed me the camera and lens on the strength of a 2000gbp debit (card maxed out over christmas :( )

My trusty D2X has been replaced finally, having held back from upgrading to the D3 for obvious reasons, apart from cost! (accepting the D3 was a better camera, the difference was not worth the extra, and going to full frame (FX) from DX meant the loss of my extra pulling power from my current glass.) Now with the D3X I have the option of more pixels, D3 technology and will keep the D2X as a backup, second body. In truth, Ive always been very happy with the D2X, except when using wide angle, simply because of the 1.6x effect

samples bear in mind all shots are straight from the box, jpg's no change to menu settings, hope to get some more useful shots tomorrow. heres some shots taken at night with the flimisest cra%%iest tripod ive ever seen!, (mine was in kabul) castle shots

Can you handhold a Nikon D3X?

There are a lot of comments on the web saying that the D3X is not handholdable and should only be used on a tripod, well, whereas its true that a tripod will generally be a steadier platform and ensure quality results, heres a few handheld shot of subjects with the first shot approx 300m away on a very dusty (it is afghansitan) windy day, 1st shot taken with a D3X +300mm f/2.8 @ 1/800s f/2.8 ISO200, D3X + 300mm handheld, 2nd shot D3X 300mm iso 800 1/320s @ f/7.1 D3X + 300mm handheld 2, so you decide. Apart from resizing, these are 'as is' images from a Raw compressed (lossless) file, converted to tiff via Nikon View and then resized in photoshop, absolutely no in camera or post processing of any sort.

I must point out that I am somewhat limited in my choice of subjects for the moment due to security concerns here, but hope to get some more interesting shots soon.

For anyone wishing to see the Dynamic range check out Bill Claffs page at


Nikon D3X and SB00 Flash
D3X + SB800

Nikon D3X iso 1000

Took some shots from the roof, see the afghan pup shot, then managed to convince Security to let me get out for an hour or so, took 5 guards, 2 cars, got snow, rain, and bad light, how do i pick em!!! When I asked to go get some town shors, maybe wander a bit, the driver took me to an intenet cafe, and then to the old palace, not really what I had in mind! we ended up in a quiet area, got some shots, the fish shot was at 1000iso, light failing quick.

Got a shot of two afghans outside, again 1000iso 1/200s f/2.8 24-70